Scaffold Inspection Course

Scaffold Inspection Course

Scaffold Inspection Course


Ensuring the workplace is a safe environment and as free from hazards as possible is everyone’s responsibility. When scaffolding is used on the job site, it must be thoroughly inspected before each use, regardless of how thoroughly it was inspected during the assembly and immediately after the assembly. An information sheet provides a checklist to follow when performing scaffold inspections. It is based on the OSHA regulations 1926, 451, 452 and the Non-Mandatory Appendices. The format used is that the OSHA regulation statements have been turned into a question.

Course Objectives

  • Identify the major items to consider when performing scaffold inspection
  • Specify the major elements OSHA’s Regulation 29 CFR 1926 Subpart 1 – Scaffolding


Course Content

  • Introduction to Scaffolding
  • Various types of scaffolds
  • General safety requirements (foundations, fall protection, platforms, etc)
  • Accepted international code
  • Step-by-step assembly procedures
  • Inspection of completed scaffolds.
  • Field trip/hands-on
  • Planning a scaffold job
  • Design of Scaffolds
  • Underhung Scaffolds
  • Drawings
  • Material Calculation
  • Calculation of Loading
  • Applications
  • Testing and feedback

Training Methodology

Presentation, Classroom activities and practical training.


End Test and Practical Scaffolding Test.


Upon completion of the course and passing the end test candidate will receive Scaffold Inspection Course certificate.

Program Details
Awarding Body: Al Mashreq Training
Available Dates
Starting: April, 21, 2024
Ending: April, 24, 2024
Venue: askar
Total Fees: 140 BHD
Starting: June, 03, 2024
Ending: June, 06, 2024
Venue: askar
Total Fees: 140 BHD
Starting: October, 07, 2024
Ending: October, 10, 2024
Venue: askar
Total Fees: 140 BHD
Targeted Audience
Scaffold Users
Fees Details
Tuition Cost
150.000 BHD