Manual Handling

Manual Handling

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This qualification will introduce learners to moving and handling activities required for those starting work, returning to work, or who need specific training in manual handling, as well as being a suitable qualification for refresher training. The objective of the qualification is to prepare learners for employment or to support a role in the workplace.

Learners gaining this qualification will understand that moving and handling must be carried out correctly and will recognize its importance in ensuring a safer working environment

Training Methodology

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Learning outcomes 1-3 are assessed by a 15-question multiple-choice examination that must be completed within 30 minutes. Successful learners will have to demonstrate knowledge across the assessment criteria within learning outcomes 1-3 and correctly answer at least 9 out of 15 questions or more to achieve a pass.


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Available Dates
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Program Details
Targeted Audience
Team leaders
HR professionals
Facilities managers
Public Poeple
Health and Safety Professionals
Contract officer
Procurement specialist
purchasing executive
Inventory controller
Executive managers
Health Care employees
People in Contact With Hazardous Materials
Insurance employees
fire wardens (Marshals)
Scaffold Users
Operations and Maintenance Staff
Process Engineers
Senior company executives
Fees Details
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