Leading Sustainably

Leading Sustainably

While most businesses understand that people are integral to their success, not so many actively nurture their people – their human capital – in an informed and systematic way. The Covid-19 pandemic has proved a wake-up call. It’s become clear that occupational safety and health (OSH) is not just a nice-to-have: it’s a key element of business management.

By leading the way to ensure workers are not only safe and healthy but also feel contented and fulfilled, organizations will gain a reputation as a good employers, attracting talent and loyalty. This course aims to raise awareness of the value of human capital and show how strong OSH leadership can contribute to a positive workforce culture and a sustainable business.


The course covers:

  1. The meaning and power of sustainability, human capital, and the three inter-dependencies
  2. What sustainability brings to the success of your business
  3. How sustainability can help transform your business
  4. How OSH supports social sustainability
  5. How OSH is key to worker wellbeing and engagement – and why this is so important
  6. The importance of inspirational leadership to business-positive OSH.

Learning outcomes

  • A full understanding of the power of sustainability and what it means to your business.
  • A clear idea of how OSH fits into social sustainability and why it’s key to keeping good people.
  • An evaluation of your organization’s current position on OSH.
  • A powerful insight into why OSH is so vital to better well-being and engagement of staff.
  • A full appreciation of the role of leadership in OSH.
  • A firm grasp of how to bring the full benefits of social sustainability to your organization.

Training Methodology

The course takes the form of three sessions and an action plan, presentations, case studies and discussions.


The course assessed by means of:
• Case studies
• Action plans


Successful candidates will receive a completion certificate from IOSH.

Available Dates
Starting: September, 22, 2024
Ending: September, 22, 2024
Venue: Regency intercontinental Bahrain
Total Fees: 100 BHD
Program Details
Awarding Body: IOSH
Targeted Audience
HR professionals
Facilities managers
Health and Safety Professionals
Executive managers
Senior company executives
Fees Details
Tuition Cost
0.000 BHD