Heavy Vehicle Driving Course

Heavy Vehicle Driving Course


Heavy Vehicle drivers have a tremendous responsibility for keeping the roads safe for others. They are involved in fewer collisions than other motorists, but collisions involving vehicles are far more deadly and costly. This course gives drivers practical driving techniques that help them to become competent in driving heavy vehicles and thus avoid collisions and violations.
The objective of the course is to give drivers hands-on experience of driving heavy vehicles safely.

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this course, the learner should be able to:

  • Understand the common causes of vehicle-related collisions
  • Inspect the vehicle
  • Understand the roadways, angles and the other factors of “reading the road”
  • Understand the fatigue factors
  • Understand the different driving distractions and how to deal with them
  • Understand the different weather conditions and the tools to handle each situation
  • Perform safe driving of heavy vehicles

Course Contents

  • Understanding your vehicle and vehicle inspection
  • The challenges of driving heavy vehicles
  • Trip planning
  • Common causes of heavy vehicle collisions and how to avoid them
  • Managing lanes safely
  • Dealing with uncontrollable driving conditions and hazards
  • Seat and mirror adjustments
  • Reading the road – understanding the importance of stopping distance, power braking, skid control, hydroplaning, loose gravel.
  • Construction zones
  • Reverse techniques
  • Distractions – cell phones, radios, and the part they play in a safe drive.
  • Load stability
  • Practical driving heavy vehicles (in association with the traffic directorate)

Course Duration

24 hours

Training Methodology

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The assessment comes in two parts:
Part one: theoretical assessment upon the course completion
Part two: a practical assessment done by the general directorate of traffic in Bahrain


After successful completion of the course and the assessments, the learner will be awarded a heavy vehicle driving license from the general directorate of traffic.

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