HAZOP Leadership

HAZOP Leadership


HAZOP is an abbreviated term for HAZard and OPerability study. It is a technique that identifies the potential hazards and operating issues with the design and construction of equipment and plant. The study involves the interaction of a multi-disciplinary team. The identification is carried out using a series of keywords to examine deviations and their subsequent effects on the process as a whole. Once the hazard and operability concerns are identified, appropriate actions are recommended.

This 5-day HAZOP leadership course introduces the concept of hazard assessment, process Hazard Analysis techniques and risk matrix and details of the HAZOP technique. A successful HAZOP is only possible if the study is effective. The course also covers the responsibilities of the HAZOP leader, how to manage the team, the results and recommendations of the HAZOP study. Also, participants will undertake a range of project team roles to give them the opportunity to practice the HAZOP process.


Participants will:
• Become familiar with the concepts of a HAZOP study
• Understand the principles and methodology of a HAZOP study
• Understand the requirements of management, preparation, planning, HAZOP team, documentation, as well the review of HAZOP study
• Understand the methodology in conducting a process hazard review
• Preparation and Organization of PHA Studies
• Selection of Study Nodes / Design intent of node
• Guidelines for managing the team
• Recording Study Results / Maintaining Quality Control
• Management of Results and Recommendations
• Communication of Results to Management

Training Methodology

This instructor led training is delivered using a virtual blended learning approach and comprises of presentations, guided sessions of practical exercise and group work.
You will have the opportunity to interact with our experienced facilitator who will bring professional and research expertise into their teaching.


End exam.


Successful candidates will be awarded a certificate of Training from ASSP.

Available Dates
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Program Details
Awarding Body: ASSP
Targeted Audience
Health and Safety Professionals
Operations and Maintenance Staff
Process Engineers
Senior company executives
Fees Details
Tuition Cost
1,040.000 BHD