Scaffold Erector

Purpose:  The purpose of this course of instruction is to provide scaffold erectors with the regulations, safety guidelines and procedures needed to recognize and eliminate hazards in the field.  Satisfactory achievement of the course objectives will assist you in satisfying the OSHA training requirements as defined in 29 CFR 1926.454.

Terminal Objective: Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the OSHA Scaffolding Standard by the following:

Given: Incomplete statements on OSHA regulations and the safe erection, Use and dismantling of frame, tube & clamp, and system types of scaffolds.

You Will: Complete the statements by selecting the term or phrase that makes each statement valid.

How Well: Achieve a score of 100% on the Knowledge Check.

Enabling Objectives:  After completion of this Learning Guide you will be able to:

01 Specify the General Requirements for Frame, Tube & Clamp, and System Scaffolding. 02 Determine the Specific Safety Rules and Steps Associated with the Erection of Frame Scaffolding.

03Determine the Specific Safety Rules and Steps associated with the Erection of Tube & Clamp Scaffolding.

04Determine the Specific Safety Rules and Steps associated with the Erection of System Scaffolding.

05Identify the Major Items to Consider when Performing a Scaffold Inspection.

06Specify the Major Elements of OSHA's Regulation 29 CFR Subpart L - Scaffolding.

Course Contents

•Introduction to Scaffolding

•Various types of scaffolds

•General safety requirements (foundations, fall protection, platforms, etc)

•Accepted international code

•Step by step assembly procedures

•Testing on Classroom Portion

•Beginning of Hands On Erection

•Hands-On Erection

Certification: After Successful completion of the course, candidate will be awarded Scaffold Training Certificate.