IOSH Managing Safely​

IOSH Managing Safely


Managing safely is a course for managers and supervisors in any sector and any organisation. It’s designed to give managers all they need to know to help them handle health and safety in their teams. The flexible new high impact programme covers all the main health and safety issues, and includes a session tackling the environment too.


Managing safely target audience is people in an organization who have to manage both risk and resources. The courses aim is to provide these people with the knowledge and skills they require to be effective in carrying out their duties.


Module 1: Introducing Managing Safely

• Why is it important to manage safely? 

• What are your responsibilities as a manager? 

Module 2: Assessing Risks 

• What is risk? 

• What is a risk assessment? 

• How do we carry risk assessments? 

Module 3: Controlling Risks 

• How do you reduce risk? 

• How do you decide which risk control to use? 

Module 4: Understanding Your Responsibilities 

• What does the law require you to do? 

• How does the law work? 

• What are the key parts of a health and safety management system? 

Module 5: Identifying Hazards 

• What are common hazards? 

• What can you do about common hazards? 

Module 6: Investigating Accidents And Incidents 

• Why investigate accidents and incidents? 

• How do accidents and incidents happen? 

• How do you carry out an accident investigation? 

Module 7: Measuring Performance 

• What is performance measurement about? 

• How do you measure health and safety performance? 

• What is auditing? 

Module 8: Protecting Our Environment 

• What’s the impact of industry on the environment? 

• How can we control pollution and waste? 

• What are the main elements of an environmental management system? 


  • •     Establish awareness of legal requirements and duties between Employers and Employees 
  • •     Recognise the importance of setting health and safety objectives. 
  • •     Identify methods and techniques for monitoring performance 
  • •     Raise awareness of benefits to organisations by adopting a positive health and safety culture. 


  • •     Improve personal awareness of UK workplace health and safety legislation 
  • •     Recognise roles, responsibilities and legal duties between Employers, Employees 
  • •     Improves knowledge and understanding of workplace risks and risk control measures. 
  • •     Introduce skills and techniques for reactive and proactive monitoring. 
  • •     Be able to gather evidence and demonstrate the process for accident investigation. 

The course is made up of 3 component parts these include:

  • Daily lectures and classroom discussions relative to the specific module. 
  • The taking of a multiple choice exam paper (duration approx 1 hour) 
  • The undertaking of a workplace assignment at delegates own place of work based upon the identification of risk and the existing control measures in place.


An IOSH Managing Safety certificate is awarded to all those who attended the course and successfully completed the written and practical assessments.