Working with Wellbeing

Working with Wellbeing

Working with Wellbeing is an introductory level qualification that looks at workplace wellbeing at both an individual and organisational level. It is relevant to any business, in any sector, and utilises real life case studies. The syllabus and accompanying workbook are based on recognised research.
On completion of the course, your learners will:
• understand what wellbeing is and why it matters.
• understand how wellbeing can be improved (including use of the NEBOSH ‘wellbeing tree’);
• be able to intervene to improve wellbeing in the workplace.

1. Foundations of wellbeing
2. The branches of wellbeing; benefits and what this means in practice.
3. Interventions in the workplace

Training Methodology

Presentations, Classroom activities and discussions.


Candidates are required to Produce an effective
intervention plan to improve wellbeing in the workplace.


Learners must achieve a ‘Pass’ in the unit to be awarded the qualification.


Course Details
Start Date: 17/09/2024
End Date: 17/09/2024
Learning Mode: instructor led in class
Venue: Classroom 2
Course Information
Course Fees
Total Fees: 80 BHD