NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Safety and Health

NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Safety and Health


An internationally recognized qualification set by the National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH), this is an examined qualification for those involved in Health and Safety at work. Relevant to every workplace, the NEBOSH International General Certificate (IGC) is ideal for Managers, Supervisors, and anyone with health and safety management responsibilities. It’s also perfect for those embarking on a health and safety career – giving a stepping stone to success.

With in-depth focus on the things that matter, the IGC covers:

  • How to effectively manage health and safety
  • How to identify and control common workplace hazards
  • How to measure if you’ve been successful
  • The legal requirements


Risk assessment is central to the qualification. Through study and workplace application, successful learners will be able to:

  • Confidently carry out risk assessments
  • Develop and implement a detailed action plan
  • Manage and minimize workplace risks
  • Support and develop the company health and safety culture


Who is the qualification designed for?

This qualification is designed for anyone (managers, supervisors and workers) in any type of organization. It’s ideal for anyone who needs a broad understanding of health and safety issues to be able to manage day-to-day risks effectively. Many people take the International General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety (IGC) as a first step in a career in health and safety. It gives a valuable overview, and is a sound basis for further professional study.


Benefits for learners

The IGC looks at everyday solutions for general workplace health and safety issues. When you have completed the qualification, you will be able to:

  • Justify the need for health and safety improvements;
  • Advise on duties for health and safety in the workplace;
  • Help your organization to manage contractors;
  • Work within a health and safety management system;
  • Positively influence health and safety culture and behavior;
  • Carry out a general risk assessment (using a 5-step approach) of your workplace;
  • Recognize workplace changes and their impacts and understand how to minimize these impacts;
  • Develop basic safe systems of work that include emergency arrangements and know when to use a permit-to-work system;
  • Take part in incident investigations; and
  • Help your employer check the effectiveness of their health and safety management system through monitoring, auditing and review.


Benefits for employers

When you achieve the IGC, you will be a huge asset to your employer. You will make a real difference in the workplace. You will have the knowledge, understanding and skills to help protect the health and safety of all workers. You will also be able help your employer to comply with the law and good practice, as well as help them avoid the huge costs from incidents and ill-health.


Course Content

Element 1: Why we should manage workplace health and Safety
Element 2: How health and safety management systems work and what they look like
Element 3: Managing risk – understanding people and processes
Element 4: Health and safety monitoring and measuring
Element 5: Physical and psychological health
Element 6: Musculoskeletal health
Element 7: Chemical and biological agents
Element 8: General workplace issues
Element 9: Work equipment
Element 10: Fire
Element 11: Electricity


Qualification assessment

This updated, modern qualification focus on key skills that means learners can instantly apply the knowledge gained in order to add value to their organization. Assessment is a 2 – step process.

Open Book Exam (IG1) – to assess what the learner knows and, A practical risk assessment (IG2) – to assess what the learner can do


The IG syllabus contains 11 (taught) units. Only units 1-4 (IG1) are subject to a written examination
A minimum of 45 marks are required for a pass standard.


The aim of this assessment (IG2) is for learners to practically apply the knowledge and understanding that they have gained from their studies. To do this, learners will need to complete a risk assessment of their own workplace. Before starting the assessment, learners must have completed their studies of the whole of the NG syllabus (elements 1 to 11). The practical must normally be taken within 10 working days of the written examination. There is no time limit for actually carrying out the practical (although NEBOSH recommends 3 hours.) The practical is internally assessed by the accredited course provider and moderated by NEBOSH.



IG1: A minimum of 45 marks, IG2: A minimum of “Pass” (the unit is a simple “pass” or “refer”.)
Candidates are required to obtain a “Pass” in each unit in order to be awarded the qualification parchment from NEBOSH.

Course Duration:

65 hours, 11 days including exams – NEBOSH Open book on 08 November 2023

Training Methodology

This instructor led training is delivered using presentations, guided sessions of practical exercise and group work.
You will have the opportunity to interact with our experienced facilitator who will bring professional and research expertise into their teaching.


• This modern qualification combines activities, learning and interactive materials to provide you with an interesting
and engaging experience. It focuses on key skills that means you
• can instantly apply the knowledge you gain and add value to your organisation.

The two-step assessment process, which checks what you know and can do, • consists of:
1. Online an open book examination
2. A practical risk assessment


The IGC has two-unit assessments. Learners must achieve a ‘Pass’ in each unit in order to be awarded this qualification.

Course Details
Start Date: 04/08/2024
End Date: 02/09/2024
Exam Date: 04/09/2024
Program Days: sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday
Learning Mode: instructor led in class
Venue: Classroom 1
Course Fees
Total Fees: 650 BHD
• Training Materials Cost
• Assessments Cost
• Exam Reset
30 BHD
70 BHD
70 BHD
Course Information
Available for e-Learning

e-Learning Cost: 380 BHD