NEBOSH IIRSM Certificate in Managing Risk

NEBOSH IIRSM Certificate in Managing Risk


The NEBOSH IIRSM Certificate in Managing Risk is an introductory-level qualification in risk management.
It is suitable for anyone who wants to be able to identify, evaluate, and manage risks and understand their impacts for an organization. It is particularly relevant for risk professionals looking to gain a broader view of risk beyond a specialism such as health and safety, quality, or business continuity.

Course Objectives

On completion of the course, your learners will be able to:

  • Understand the principles of risk and risk management;
  • Source and challenge the validity of risk information;
  • Understand the impact of psychology on decision-making;
  • Apply the risk management process to manage risk effectively; and
  • Understand how to integrate the risk management framework into their organization.

Training Methodology

Presentations, Classroom activities and discussions.


To achieve the qualification, learners must complete and pass the Unit MAR1 assessment. This assessment is an onscreen multiple-choice examination. It is available on-demand, which means once learners have completed the eLearning course, they can take the assessment at any time and will receive their results immediately. Learners will get two attempts at the assessment.


Upon Successful Completion of the course, candidate will receive NEBOSH IIRSM Certificate in Managing Risk Certificate.

Course Details
Start Date: 22/10/2023
End Date: 26/10/2023
Learning Mode: instructor led in class
Venue: Gulf Hotel
Course Fees
Total Fees: 1144 BHD
• Online Learning Cost
130 BHD
Course Information
Available for e-Learning

e-Learning Cost: 280 BHD