Gas Testing

Gas Testing


The course will take the candidate through the theory and practice of how to test the workplace atmosphere for any hazardous gases prior to start the work to ensure the health and safety of all personnel in the workplace.

Course Objectives

Understand the reasons behind carrying gas testing in the workplace
• Understand different types of chemical and their behavior
• Knowledge about the limitations of Gas Testing Equipment
• Understanding of the procedures used for gas testing
• Practical hands-on gas testing practice

Candidates should be at least 18 years old, able to read and write, physically and psychologically capable and medically fit. The applicant must declare that he requires special consideration or if he currently has any medical conditions preventing him from attending the course and practicing the gas testing in future. This has to be declared in the registration form.

Training Methodology

Presentations and classroom activities


• Pre-course evaluations questions
• Active participation during the course
• Group discussion
• Practical Exercises
• Hand-On/Practical Gas Testing


After successful completion of the above course, participants also will be awarded Level 3 Al Mashreq Training Certificate, Credit Value 0.6.

Course Details
Start Date: 15/02/2024
End Date: 15/02/2024
Learning Mode: instructor led in class
Venue: Classroom 2
Course Fees
Total Fees: 90 BHD
Course Information
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