Exit Interview - Employee

What is your department? *

What is your designation? *

When did you join Almashreq Training? *

What is your staff number? *

What is the name of the head of your department? *

What did you like about your job here? *

What did you dislike about your job here? *

Specify the most satisfying part/moment of your job. *

Specify the least satisfying part of your job. *

Specify your relationship with your direct supervisor. *

Are you accepting another position? If so with whom and where? *

Provide your comments on any matter that should be brought to our attention please.

Please explain your reasons for leaving this job in detail. *

How would you rate your overall job satisfaction? *

What will you miss most when you leave? *

How would you describe the management style within your department? *

How would you rate the effectiveness of company communication? *

Would you recommend this company to your friend as a good place to work? *

Do you have any suggestion, concern, or anything else to add for us? *

In this section, please rate the following statements: *

Strongly agreeSomewhat agreeSomewhat disagreeStrongly disagree
I believe that I was treated like a valuable member of the company.
My immediate supervisor informed me when I was doing a good job.
I felt free to provide suggestions to my immediate supervisor that would improve my department.
My job duties and responsibilities were clearly defined.
I received proper training in order to perform my job effectively.
Employee problems and complaints were resolved fairly and promptly in my department.

If I had questions or concerns, I felt comfortable speaking with: *

Strongly agreeSomewhat agreeSomewhat disagreeStrongly disagree
My immediate supervisor
Senior management
Human resources
I was kept well informed about the company, its policies and procedures, and other important information.
I felt that the company provided me with job security.