Almashreq Employee Appraisal Form - Supervisor

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Job Title *

General Performance: *

Punctuality [Is punctual to work, meeting, classes etc.]
Attendance [Regular attendance to work without unwarranted/ unauthorized absenteeism]
Discipline [Follows the rules/regulations/policies of the Institute]
Apparel [Suitable, tidy dress in accordance with the socio-cultural expectations]
Perseverance [Persistence/steady effort to achieve]
Commitment [Degree of dedication to work]
Work Output [Quantity of work related to assigned tasks]
Efficiency [Accuracy and relevance of work]
Effectiveness [Accuracy and relevance of work]
Dependability [As regards prompt action and timely completion of work]
Knowledge [Relevant and up to date knowledge in work, organization and related areas]
Adaptability [Ability to learn and willingness to change as the situation demands]
Initiative [Takes initiatives to work without promoting or instruction]
Innovativeness [Puts forward new ideas relevant to work]
Responsibility [Works responsibly, seeks and accepts new and/or additional responsibility]
Trustworthiness [Can be trusted with confidential matters & is honest in dealings]
Communication [Has the necessary communication skills (spoken, written, reading and listening related to work]
Pragmatism [Deals with matters from a practical point of view]
Problem solving [Can identify problems and suggest solutions within sphere of work]
Co-operation [Recognises the need to be co-operative & helpful]
Teamwork [Can work as a team member and appreciate the contribution of other team members & maintain team spirit]
Relationships [Strives to develop and maintain construction work relationships with all]

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Exceptional (5)Satisfactory (4)Minimal or Normal (3)Needs Development (2)Unacceptable (1)
The employee understands the requirements of his work correctly
Deliver needed items on time
When creating any needed reports, how creative is employee in the creation of the report (Good Design, Innovatiove Presentation, etc)
Does the employee reach his targets
Does the employee deal with external duties outside his job prescription accordingly
Does the employee handle the pressure and workload of the job accordingly
Does the employee's multitasking suit the job
Please mention any comments

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