NEBOSH Environmental Awarness at Work Qualification

What can the NEBOSH Environmental Awareness at Work qualification do for my organisation?

Improved environmental performance – Implementing a successful Environmental Management System such as ISO 14001 requires workers to recognise the impact they have on the environment. The new NEBOSH Environmental Awareness at Work qualification will introduce your workforce to environmental issues and the role they play in improving organisational environmental performance.

Return on investment – Employees can apply their learning as soon as they return to work.

This will help your organisation reduce waste, improve energy efficiency, achieve cost savings and help avoid legal action. Assurance – With global industry needing to be more aware of its impact on the environment, a business with a sound environmental record has an advantage in the modern market place.

What kinds of people take the NEBOSH Environmental Awareness at Work qualification?

Anybody who needs a basic understanding of environmental issues in the workplace. It provides a general awareness of environmental issues and can be taken by employees at all levels within the organisation.

What does the course cover?

The NEBOSH Environmental Awareness at Work qualification is designed to cover a range of issues affecting the global environment.

Topics include:

  • Basic environmental terms and their meaning
  • Sources, impacts and controls of air, water, noise and land pollution
  • Dealing with environmental emergencies
  • Introducing environmental impact (risk) assessments
  • Introduction to Environmental Management Systems

How long will it take to achieve this qualification and how is it assessed?

This one day qualification is assessed through a 30 minute multiple choice examination.

A qualification parchment will be sent to students on successful completion.

Course Duration: 08 hours