CIEH Level 2 Award in Health & Safety in the Workplace


This new qualification is designed to ensure that all employees are aware of their own safety and the safety of customers, contractors and the public. It is applicable in any private or public sector environment. 

Who needs this qualification?

Anyone in a work environment

Why is this training important?

Employers are responsible for providing safe and healthy workplace conditions as well as the right systems and methods for safe activities. Nevertheless employees also have a vital part to play in the equation. They need the right knowledge and the right attitude which demands proper training in the basics of health and safety, as well as specific training for individual tasks.

Course Objectives:

  • To understand the nature of health and safety; scope of legislative requirements in health & safety; importance of preventing work-related ill health; principle of accident prevention; and the risk associated with poor welfare
  • Awareness to hazards and risk associated with the workplace and equipment.
  • Implement risk assessment technique and manual handling.
  • Understanding the nature and risk of hazardous substances and working in heights, transport and vehicles; how workplace equipment and task design affect health & safety; and the potential long and short-term effects of exposure to noise and vibration.

Assessment and Certification:

This 12 hour course is followed by a thirty question multi-choice examination paper, which may be conducted orally.