Forklift Training Program

Forklift Operator Training Program Intent:

The forklift operator training course is designed give new forklift operators an understanding of the physics pertaining to forklifts; to give an understanding of the seriousness of operating a forklift; and to outline the responsibilities for operating a forklift. This program specifies basic knowledge and skill requirements needed for safe operation of lift trucks and their attachments. The three days training course allows participants more time on the machine to learn how to safely operate the forklift. Upon successfully completing the written and practical evaluation the participant receives a certification valid for 3 years.

Who Should Attend?

New forklift operators who require additional practical time in order to achieve certification.
Class sizes will be kept small in order to provide new operators with as much practical time possible in the 3 days.

Course Content:

This program is divided into five theory sections and a practical component. The practical exercise consists of maneuvering a forklift through a predetermined obstacle course while performing several functions. Course length varies on number of students and their experience but is typically 18 hours in length. A general description of the forklift operator training course outline is as follows:

Theory Part-Class Room Session

  • General Requirements
  • Duty of Employer and Employee
  • Forklift Accidents 
  • Lift Truck Features & Stability
  • Video Tapes (Forklift Safety)
  • Forklift Safety Rules

Practical Skills Training

  • Pre-operational Inspection
  • Start-up
  • Traveling with & without a Load
  • Pedestrians
  • Load Handling
  • Ramps & Grades
  • Elevators
  • Stacking / de-stacking dummy cargo safely, neatly and with time frame 
  • Workplace Specific Hazards
  • Procedures for Shutdown / Leaving the Operator’s Position
  • Re-fuelling / Recharging

Course Duration: 12 hours

Test and final assessment

At the end of the training, participants will be tested and the test is divided into two parts the written and practical evaluation. The participant needs to achieve 80% score in the written test in order to pass.

 Safety Attire

  • Participants are not allowed to take the practical training without wearing the safety shoes/boots.
  • Participants are required to complete the written test and pass
  • Be 18 years and above holding a Bahraini or GCC driving license