Defensive Driving Course



The most compelling program for keeping drivers safe on the road

National Safety Council Defensive Driving Courses are the most effective training for changing driver behaviors to prevent traffic crashes, injuries and deaths. In Illinois, drivers who completed DDC courses experienced 13 percent fewer negligent driving arrests and 19 percent fewer collisions than those who did not. By having participants complete DDC – 8/6, they may earn insurance premium discounts and points reduction in driver reward programs developed by state and local governments.


Course description

The new edition of our best-selling course includes vastly revised content and training resources, making this the most compelling program for keeping drivers safe on the road. Available in both English and Spanish, our teaching materials are easy and enjoyable to present, and the program can be customized with local training statutes or a company’s fleet rules and regulations. Training also can be reduced from eight hours to six hours, if your specific training needs require it.

Who would benefit

Experienced licensed drivers; organizations that want a driver improvement course for their employees; and traffic violators required to take a driver improvement course by the court


What your drivers will learn

• Practical knowledge and techniques to avoid traffic collisions and violations

• Why choosing safe, responsible, and lawful driving behaviors and habits makes personal and financial sense

• Factors one can control before driving, from emotions to vehicle maintenance

• How to drive defensively in unpredictable conditions

• How driver attitude and behavior can help prevent collisions and poor decision-making

• How to prevent collisions and recognize potential hazards


The best course just got better!

• Expanded interpersonal activities, small group discussions and case studies

• Defensive Driver Self-Assessment Risk Survey – a one-of-its-kind resource to help participants take action against driving-related injuries and deaths

• Critical discussions on distracted driving, including the dangers of cell phone use

• New and updated video sessions with real-life driver situations, hazard recognition re-enactments and essential “ready for the road” vehicle maintenance checkpoints

• Compelling technological advances, including a PowerPoint® presentation with animated graphics, traffic simulations, and embedded video to capture and hold participant interest

• Instructor multimedia presentation and video sessions conveniently combined onto one DVD